Imperial Recordings celebrates 10 years as a label 2012

We celebrate the 10 year anniversary with the release of the compilation A Decade – Imperial Recordings 10 Years.

In December 2002 the Swedish label Imperial Recordings was officially founded.
After planning the start of a label for some time, Joakim Gävert and Magnus Bohman signed their first artist, José González, which marked the launch of Imperial Recordings.

José González has become a household name in most parts of the world with platinum sales in several countries. Being the superstar of the label, he is usually the way for the audience to discover the label.

We hope that the listeners will give the other artists on Imperial a chance as they are well worth the time. Many of them have built strong following around the world and continue to find new fans to this day.


Listen to our album, A Decade (Imperial Recordings 10 Years), on Spotify or iTunes.

For countries outside of Scandinavia go to this playlist on Spotify.