New single from José González

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José González is releasing a new single

February 26 the new single ”With The Ink Of A Ghost” from the album ”Vestiges & Claws” is released. The single also features a string version in collaboration with the American ensemble yMusic.

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Watch José González perform “With the Ink of a Ghost” live with yMusic here

José says about the music and the lyrics.


“I came up with the guitar parts when I was working on the music for
the movie ’Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ but the style didn’t fit that
well with the character so it ended up in my folder of unused
material. When I picked it up a couple of months later I decided to
try to make another ‘journey’ song with it, similar to Cycling
Trivialities from my previous album. I was thinking about it as one of
the classic songs on the album together with Open Book and The Forest
where I used traditional chord progressions and golden ratio

I love how it sounds together with yMusic. Rob Moose made an
arrangement that gave the song an even more classic and timeless


“In this one I aimed at using metaphors and imagery without giving away
what the poem is about. There is a vague sense of agency, and the
mixture of images reflect the variation of impressions that can be
experienced in dreams.

I was thinking about trends/streams/forces that affect things in a
invisible or faint way. The feeling of something being steered by an
agent/person/spirit, but is happening on its own in a distinct
direction. Something that can seem predetermined when zooming out or
looking back.

‘Idle as a wave, moving out at sea. Cruising without sound, molding
what’s to be. Serene between the trails, serene with the time and ink
of a ghost.’ ”

After a sold out tour in Australia, including two shows at the Sydney Opera House, José will now set out on a US tour of 17 dates with the American ensemble yMusic. yMusic are six classical musicians (string trio, flute, clarinet and trumpet) from New York flourishing in the overlap between the pop and the classical worlds. The members of yMusic have toured and recorded with artists such as Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Björk, The National, Meredith Monk, Antony & the Johnsons, David Byrne, The New York Philharmonic och Sufjan Stevens.

Tour dates:

Photos from Sydney Opera House by Prudence Upton

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