José González releases “Every Age”, the first single from his new album.

José González releases “Every Age”, the first single from his new album.

Zane Lowe premiered “Every Age” at BBC Radio 1 and announced it to be “the Hottest record in the World”.

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José González is releasing his first single from his forthcoming album “Vestiges & Claws” today.
The single “Every Age” as well as the album is largely revolving around ideas of civilization, humanism and solidarity.

“Yeah, I think that might be where there is some sort of common thread on this new record. The zoomed out eye on humanity on a small pale blue dot in a cold, sparse and unfriendly space. The amazing fact that we at all are here, an attempt at encouraging to understand ourselves and to make the best of the only life we have – after birth and before death. And also, I’ve been okay with using rhymes this time”, José says with a smile and continues “In general I think that the lyrics are clearer this time.“

“every age has its turn,
every branch of the tree has to learn
learn to grow, find its way,
make the best of this shortlived stay
take this seed, take this spade,
take this dream of a better day,
take your time, build a home,
build a place where we all can belong”

The video to “Every Age” gives everyone the opportunity to roam space freely using a unique video capturing technique. The technique consisted of 6 Go Pro cameras mounted on a large balloon and sent up 30 kilometres (18,6 miles) to the stratosphere.

Watch the video here

“I was talking to my friend Simon Morris and he mentioned a project he was working on. To send a balloon with cameras from the ground and up into space – recording a 360° view of the trip. A trip that only 536 out of 7 billion people have seen with their own eyes. It got me thinking of my new song Every Age and what a perfect opportunity it would be to combine the two into a music video. The lyrics fit well in the sense of living on a globe together and how it can make us wonder and reflect on how we can make this the best trip ever!”
– José González

The best way to fully experience the video is to go to and watch it on your computer. A standard version without the 360 experience is available on YouTube.

Every Age is released today November 5

José on Spotify
José on iTunes

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