José González is releasing the video to ”Leaf Off/The Cave”

José González is releasing the video to ”Leaf Off/The Cave” off the upcoming album ”Vestiges & Claws”

Director Mikel Cee Karlsson about ”Leaf Off/The Cave”:

The song talks about listening to reason and having the courage to change your mind when presented with new information that disprove your current convictions.
This does not simply point towards religious beliefs, it points to us all, to all beliefs that govern our lives and guide our decisions.
To me, this is what the song is about, and what the video tries to represent; that it is easy to think that your own judgement is the right one, and hard to admit that it is not.

José explains the title “Leaf Off/The Cave”:

“Take a moment to reflect where you’re from, where we’re going, who you are. Let reason guide you. Make the light lead you out.”

Leaf off – To take the leaf from the mouth – to speak clearly, speak out, speak one’s mind. Idiom refers to The Fall of Man and how Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. ‘To take the leaf off’ – would mean to expose the naked truth.

The Cave – inspired by The Allegory of the cave, or Plato’s Cave. But also as a metaphor for the cosy dark home that might limit us from knowledge of the world.

The upcoming album ”Vestiges & Claws” is released February 17.

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